Al Harding

Died From Excessive Drink

The Clarksburg Telegram., April 13, 1900, Page 4

Sketch of Death coming use to illustrate the rash decision to go out that exhausted him to the point of death

Al Harding, a former oil driller for General Goff, died at the St. Charles Hotel Monday morning at 5 o’clock from a four days’ illness, caused by excessive intoxication.

His death was expected at any moment Sunday, but he seemed better that evening and might have survived had he not committed, the rash act of getting out of bed early Monday morning, dressing himself and going out to the Hub restaurant.

This exercise completely exhausted him and he had to be carried back to his room, where he died a few minutes afterward.

His people are reported to reside in New York state near *Jamestown, but no communication could be had with them. To an inquiry sent to Erie, Pa., Chief of Police Reynolds, of that city, answered that if Harding left means the body should be sent to Venango, Pa., if not then it should be given burial here.

Map image of the I.O.O.F. Cemetery; where Al Harding was laid to final rest

Harding having left no means, funds were subscribed and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.

Rev. T. W. Cooke holding funeral services at the undertaking establishment of the Stealey Osborn company at 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon.

A special choir was in attendance and the services were quite beautiful.

*Originally published as Janestown, but this is believed to have been a typo as a Janestown, NY couldn’t be located

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