Albert E. Radford


The Daily Telegram., October 07, 1903


Visits Made to Steelton and Clarksburg Industrial Company’s Addition.

Well Pleased With the City.

Grave marker of Albert E Radford

Representatives of the Owens Pottery company are here from Zanesville, Ohio, on a prospecting trip. They are C. O. Schooley, A. Radford and Albert Geis, all practical men in the business. They were driven to the Clarksburg Industrial Company’s addition and Steelton, where they inspected sites and tonight they will meet the directors of the Industrial Company in their regular weekly meeting for the purpose of having a conference. Their wares will be on exhibition in the Traders hotel parlors this evening so that the people of Clarksburg who are interested in the coming of such an enterprise to this city may see what they manufacture.

They express themselves as highly pleased with Clarksburg as a place for manufacturing industries and if the negotiations can be concluded satisfactorily to all parties concerned,  they will locate a large pottery plant here.

Thomas G. Brady, the well known promoter, was instrumental in interesting them in Clarksburg.


The Daily Telegram., August 04, 1904
The Clarksburg Telegram., August 05, 1904



Death Came Suddenly and Unexpectedly and Causes Shock of Pain and Sorrow to Pass Over the Community–Funeral Arrangements Not Yet Made.

A. Radford Pottery Company

Albert Radford, general manager of the A. Radford Pottery Company, whose plant is in the Clarksburg Industrial addition, died suddenly at his home in the Jones Apartment House, corner of Third and Mechanic Streets, Thursday morning at eleven o’clock from heart failure.


The shocking intelligence of his sudden demise caused a wave of deep sorrow and surprise over the city in both social and business circles in which he was prominently connected. For the past several days Mr. Radford had been feeling unwell but had not been bed fast, and his indisposition was not considered serious either by his family or himself. On Wednesday he grew worse and he called a physician to see him. While then it was not thought his illness was serious proper medical attention was given him and he continued in about the same condition. Thursday morning while sitting in a chair in his room he fell over and suddenly expired.

In the death of Mr. Radford, one of the foremost art potters in this country passes away. He was possessed of extraordinary ability in the manufacture of fine art ware and was considered a genius. He was endowed with exceptional skill and aptitude partly acquired by his studious and close adaption to his trade which he followed all his life and partly, it might be said, by hereditary proclivities for his ancestors in direct male line for six generations before him were master potters.

A Brief Biography
Sketch of Death coming

Albert Radford was born and raised in England where his father was engaged in pottery manufacture. When of mature years he came to the United States with his parents and engaged in the same business which his family had followed and in which he was engaged. For some years he produced art ware in Baltimore, Md., and from there he went to Tiffin, Ohio, and was associated with a large pottery there. From Tiffin he went to Zanesville, where he again became connected with a large pottery. He remained in Zanesville for eight years.

About a year and a half ago he became interested in the wonderful resources of West Virginia and after coming here he took advantage of certain inducements offered him and proceeded to organize a local pottery. Investing his money with several capitalists of the city he soon had the pottery started and within a comparatively short time the finely equipped pottery now in operation at the Clarksburg Industrial addition was completed.

Friends and Family….

The deceased was forty-five years of age. He is survived by his wife and three children, who live at the home in this city and his father and mother, who live in Zanesville, Ohio. One brother living in England also survives. The children are Albert, eighteen years of age, who took up the trade of his ancestors and is engaged in that work at the plant his father built; Fred, aged fifteen, and Maude, aged thirteen.

During his residence in this city, Mr. Radford had made many friends who admired him for his many excellent qualities and his genial, kind and courteous demeanor. At the pottery he was liked by all of his employees and his extraordinary capabilities, executive and business abilities placed him high in the estimation of his business associates. To the grief-stricken members of his family the friends and acquaintances in the city extend their heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

The funeral arrangements will not be made until the arrival of the father and mother of the deceased from Zanesville.

Funeral Arrangements Not Made.

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The Clarksburg Telegram., August 12, 1904

The arrangements for the funeral of the late Albert Radford, who died at his home in the Jones apartment house, corner of Third and Mechanic Streets, suddenly Thursday morning of heart failure, have not been completed and will not be made until the arrival of the parents of the deceased from Zanesville, Ohio. The parents are expected here this evening.


Of the Late Albert Radford Will Take Place From Sunday Afternoon at Two O’Clock.

The Daily Telegram., August 06, 1904

The funeral of the late Albert Radford, who died suddenly Thursday morning from heart failure, will take place from the late home in the Jones Apartment house, 229 Mechanic Street, Sunday afternoon at two o’clock.

Rev. Wm. M. Hudson, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will conduct the funeral services.

The interment will be in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.

Clarksburg Post Card Image

Mr. and Mrs. A. Radford, father and mother of the deceased, arrived in the city Friday evening from their home in Zanesville, Ohio.

Other relatives will arrive here from Zanesville Sunday morning.

A brother of Mrs. Radford will arrive here from Baltimore Saturday evening.

Funeral of Mr. Radford.

The Daily Telegram., August 08, 1904
The Clarksburg Telegram., August 12, 1904

At two o’clock Sunday afternoon the funeral of the late Albert Radford, general manager of the A. Radford Pottery Company, in the Industrial Addition, took place from the residence in the Jones Flats, corner of Mechanic and South Third Streets, and was conducted by Rev. William M. Hudson in the presence of sorrowing relatives and many Clarksburg friends.

The remains were interred in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.


The Clarksburg Telegram., August 12, 1904



As the Result This Practical Potter Will Be Chosen–He Visits the Plant and Pronounces It Most Modern of Kind in This County.

Tristate area Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania

The stockholders of the A. Radford Pottery Company held a meeting here Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of taking steps to fill the vacancy in the office of the general manager of the plant and company, caused by the death of Albert Radford last week.

Among the principal stockholders are Messrs. C. O. Schooley, Judge Frank M. Ford, Albert Geis and M. E. Ludy, all of Zanesville Ohio, and they are all present. The meeting was in the nature of a conference with the local heavy stockholders, John Koblegard, John Ruhl and others.

There was present at the meeting W. J. Owen, of East Palestine, Ohio, who will in all probability be chosen as Mr. Radford’s successor. Another meeting will be held tonight, at which the matter will be definitely determined. There is assurance, however, that Mr. Owen will be chosen, as that was practically done at the afternoon meeting.

About Mr. Owens

Mr. Owens is one of the best all around potters in the country. He was virtually raised in a pottery and has spent all his life at the business. He is thoroughly acquainted with the markets and the most scientific methods of making pottery ware. At present he is with the East Liverpool, Ohio, Potters CoOperative Company. One of the leading concerns of the kind in the county, and his experience is such that the local company will be fortunate in securing his services.

This gentleman visited the plant here and was agreeably surprised at the completeness of it. He says it is the most modern and up-to-date plant of its size in that line he ever saw and he has been in all the potteries of any consequence in this county. He was especially impressed with the splendid equipment, the cleanliness, and the superior quality of the plant and pronounces it the finest he ever was in.

In the event he is chosen as general manager Mr. Owen will move to Clarksburg within the next two weeks and make this city his permanent home.

The plant has been in operation, but under his management it is the intention to operate it more extensively and to its fullest capacity. During its short period of operation under the management of Mr. Radford the work was more in the nature of a trial test and that proved entirely satisfactory, and as Mr. Radford left the plant in readiness for full operation that will be done at the earliest opportunity.

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