Allen Stewart


Along the Roadside near His Home Thursday Evening.
The Clarksburg Telegram., February 22, 1901

Allen Stuart, a prosperous and well known farmer residing on the Weston road 3 miles from the city, was found dead on the road side a short distance beyond his home between four and five o’clock Thursday afternoon. He is supposed to have been thrown or fell from his horse. A wife, a son and three daughters survive him. He was about 65 years of age and a very excellent citizen.


Heart Trouble Overtook Him and He Fell Dead on the Public Highway.
The Clarksburg Telegram., March 01, 1901, page 2

The funeral of Allen Stuart took place Sunday, February 24, 1901, at 10 o’clock a.m., at his late residence on the Weston road, three miles distant from the city, and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.

Allen Stewart

Two Italians found Mr. Stuart’s dead body lying on the road beyond his home a third of a mile at 4:30 o’clock Thursday afternoon of last week.

M. G. Holmes happened along soon afterward and advised that the body be taken home. This was done and Coroner W. R. Alexander was notified but an inquest was deemed unnecessary. A physician was summoned. After an examination of the body he announced that death had been caused by heart trouble.

Mr. Stuart had been at Presley Beach’s place near Mt. Clare to get a horse and colt that had strayed from his farm, and was returning home with them when death overtook him.

The horses were standing a few feet from the body, when it was found. The bridle rein of the horse he had been riding hung loosely on the horse’s neck in front of the saddle. There were no marks on his body to indicate that he had fallen from the horse and no dirt or snow on his clothes.

The trains had all passed before he could have reached that point, and, there fore, he could hardly have been thrown from his horse, which was rather gentle. The most plausible conclusion is that he felt sick, got off his horse, sat down on the ground, and fell back dead. He was lying stretched at full length on his back when found.

Mr. Stuart was a prosperous farmer and a good, quiet, honorable citizen. A wife, son and three daughters survive him. He was about 72 years of age.

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