Alpheus (Alpha) W. Pritchard, Sr.


Headstone inscription of Alpheus "Alpha" Wilson Pritchard, Sr.

The Clarksburg Telegram., November 08, 1901

Alpha W. Pritchard Dies at His Home at Point Comfort

The death of Alpha W. Pritchard occurred at his late home at Point Comfort about 11:30 o’clock Sunday night, October 3, 1901, at 81 years of age.

He had been in feeble health for two years or more before the death sentence came.

Funeral services were held at the residence at 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery, Rev. R. B. McDanel being the officiating clergyman, and Stealey and Osborn the undertakers.

The deceased was identified with the business interests of Clarksburg a great many years and was a familiar figure. He was thrifty and shrewd and accumulated much wealth, a good portion of which is in business blocks, tenement houses, city lots, and other real estate in the suburbs of the city.

Picture of Alpheus "Alpha" Wilson Pritchard, Sr.

The surviving children are Asbury Pritchard, of Parkersburg; Roseberry and Cleon and Miss Metta Pritchard and Mrs. A. B. Hall, of this city. His wife also survives him. A son, Wilson, died only two weeks ago. The deceased was a member of the Baptist church. He and his wife joined the church under Rev. Cleon Keyes’ pastorate more than 50 years ago.


The Clarksburg Telegram., November 08, 1901

Estate Divided among all his Heirs–
Daughters named to execute will.

The will of the late Alpha W. Pritchard was filed for probate Thursday morning. It was drawn January 9, 1900. His daughters, Miss Metta Pritchard and Mrs. Myra Hall, are named as executrices.

The home property and lots in Clarksburg are bequeathed to his widow, Mary Pritchard, her life time; also some other real estate and personal property. After her death these go to the two daughters. Metta is given a lot east of Sam’l Brown’s, east half of lot east of the brick store house, all lots between Anchor Mills and Gandy property and piano and safe.

Image showing most of Alpha Pritchard's lots

Mrs. Hall gets half of store house, lots on Locust street and tract of land south of the city. Gertrude, wife of Cleon Pritchard, is to have the land on the Weston road, half of 41 acres adjoining E. K. Stout’s land, half of coal bank field and one lot west of Anchor Mills subject to widow’s life estate.

Asbury gets lot 33 in Orchard Lots and his wife all property in Coolvile, Ohio, her life time, and then Asbury’s children get it. These children are to receive lots 34, 35, 36 and 37 also in Orchard Lots.

Roseberry is left one half of the 41 acres near E. K. Stout’s. 1 lot at Adamston, half of coal bank field, and lots 12 and 13 in Upland Grove.

Stock image of Last Will and Testament

Cleon gets lots 20 and 21 in Upland Grove. Elizabeth Pritchard, sister of the testator, is to have the house and lot adjoining Martha Atkin’s home after death of the widow and this goes to the estate after Elizabeth’s death.

No bond is required of the executrices.

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