Capt. John W. Kidwell

Fatal Accident —

The Wheeling Daily Register., March 07, 1870

Grave marker of Captain John W. Kidwell

On Thursday, last week, John W Kidwell was killed in a saw mill near Oakland in the following manner: A small stick was lying on the log he was sawing, and he attempted to draw it out of the way of the teeth.

Civil War commemoration

The saw, however, struck the stick, causing it to fly up, and striking Mr. Kidwell in the eye, penetrated to the brain and caused instant death. He was aged about 29 years, was raised by Jacob F. Cost, of this county, was a Union Soldier during the War, and a young man of good character and much respected.

His remains were brought to this place on Sunday, and interred in the O.F. Cemetery.
–Clarksburg Conservative.

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