Caroline V. Moore Jackson


The Clarksburg Telegram., August 11, 1910, page 4

Mrs. Caroline M. Jackson, Venerable Resident, Succumbs to Paralysis.

Portrait of Caroline V. Moore Jackson

Mrs. Caroline M. Jackson, a venerable and beloved resident of the city and member of one of its leading families, is dead at her home on West Pike Street after a brief illness. She died at 11 o’clock Sunday morning of paralysis with which she was suddenly stricken the preceeding Tuesday afternoon with services at Christ Episcopal Church and burial at the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery. The Rev. John E. Ewell, rector, will lead the services.

Brief History Of Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Jackson was born in June, 1824, being therefore in the eighty-seventh year of her age, and was a daughter of Major Thomas P. Moore, one of the early settlers in this section, who came here from Delaware. She was the last member of this Moore family. March 2, 1842, she was married to James M. Jackson and to this union three children were born, namely, Meigs Jackson, now deceased; T. Moore Jackson, of this city; and Florence Jackson, also deceased. The former and the latter died a number of years ago and T. Moore Jackson is therefore the only surving child of the family.

Jackson Home where Caroline resided at one time

James M. Jackson, the husband and father, died in 1871. There are three surviving grandchildren, namely, James Madison Jackson, of Parkersburg; and Mrs. Meigs Stiles, wife of Samuel B. Stiles, also of Parkersburg; both of whom were children of Meigs Jackson, now deceased; and Miss Florence Jackson, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. T. Moore Jackson, of this city. Mrs. Caroline M. Jackson was an aunt of Judge Nathan Goff, Richard T. Lowndes and Col. Henry Haymond, all of the city.

The City Mourns

There is wide spread mourning over the death of Mrs. Jackson as she was one of the most popular and beloved older residents of the city. She lived in Clarksburg all her life and from and early age until she was stricken with her last illness she took a leading part in social circles of the city. She was particularly fond of young folk and a large circle of them are equally grieved over her death as the host of older friends and acquaintances are.

Historic Bird's eye view of Clarksburg WV Where Caroline Moore Jackson was a lifelong resident

Mrs. Jackson, was a lover of the beautiful in nature and was especially interested in horticulture, always having large beds of flowers and shrubbery around her home. She was a leading spirit in the establishment of “The Old Clarksburg Fair,” and for many years took an active part in making it useful and successful.

For one of her advanced years, Mrs. Jackson was a remarkably spry and active woman. Until her last illness she would walk around the streets of the city, mingle with her friends and was more agile than many a younger woman. Her intellectual faculties remained unimpaired until she was stricken with paralysis. Only a few days before she was taken ill, she returned from Webster Springs, where she spent a number of days on a pleasure visit and at the time she was taken ill she had her trunks packed and was preparing to go to Atlantic City for a sojourn of two or three weeks.

Christ Church where Caroline Moore Jackson was a member

When her husband died, Mrs. Jackson took personal charge of his large estate and displayed unusual business acumen in its management. She became noted locally as a most prudent, careful and sagacious business woman.

Mrs. Jackson was a life long member of the Protestant Episcopal denomination and one of the leading members of Christ Church.

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