Conductor E. J. Dawson


The Clarksburg Telegram., July 05, 1901

Conductor E. J. Dawson Fell Beneath Moving Freight Train and Received Fatal Injuries Monday Evening

Three Cars Passed Over Him

Mashing both Legs off Close to the body and Mangling an arm Lived three hours in great Agony.

B & O Railroad Station Glen Elk WV

E. J. Dawson, night conductor in the B. & O. yards at this place, met a horrible death Monday evening.

At 6 o’clock engine No. 1233 of the 98’s came moving along at a rather lively speed going east and did not stop for orders, although it had showed up for that purpose.

As is sometimes the custom the orders were to be handed to the engineer as the train was passing. In this instance the orders had been given to Conductor Dawson to hand the engineer as the train passed and he lost his life in the attempt.

The train was moving so rapidly that the engineer missed in grabbing for the orders, and Conductor Dawson then attempted to board the train, climb upon top of the cars and run along on top to the engine. In the attempt to get on the train he fell beneath the cars.

Two cars and the caboose passed over him, the accident happening at the east end of the passenger platform.

Picture of train engine similar to type Conductor Dawson had tried to hand orders to

The sight was appalling and a number of persons who saw it stood almost paralyzed with horror. The injured man was picked up and carried to the platform, where he lay until death relieved him at 9:10 o’clock that night.


Drs. Morgan and Peck gave him medical attention and made his dying moments as comfortable as possible. They pronounced it a hopeless case the moment they saw his injuries. Rev. William Anderson also attended the dying man, offered a fervent prayer for his spiritual welfare and spoke fitting words for such an occasion.

Both legs were horribly mashed off close to the body and the right arm was badly mangled. He did not appear to be injured internally.

While his sufferings must have been great, yet he showed but few signs of it. He remained conscious some little time and told where he boarded and where his people lived.

Vintage image of conductor checking tickets

Conductor Dawson was from Cedar Rapids, Iowa where his mother resides. He had been employed in the yards here as conductor for eight or nine months and boarded at Mrs. Willoughby’s in Glen Elk.

Funeral services were held at the Stealey-Osborn undertaking establishment at 5 o’clock Thursday evening by Rev. WIlliam Anderson and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.

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