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About Daniel Steenrod Thompson

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D. S. Thompson was born in the year 1853 to George Western Thompson and wife Elizabeth Steenrod Thompson, in the city of Wheeling, WV. December 15, 1875 Daniel S. Thompson married Ella Virginia Thorn, to their union were born six children. Mr. Thompson was quite active in business and civic circles. In 1888, his wife Ella passed from this life. In 1893 Daniel Steenrod Thompson passed.


Movements of Citizens and the Coming and Going of Strangers.

Wheeling Register., February 25, 1888, Page 1


Col. W. P. Thompson and Mr. D. Steenrod Thompson, of Parkersburg, arrived in the city yesterday, summoned by the death of their father, Judge G. W. Thompson

Stamm Hotel


The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer., April 05, 1888, Page 4


Mr. D. Steen Thompson, of Parkersburg, the manager at the head of the Camden Oil Works at Parkersburg, was registered at the Stamm House yesterday.


Wheeling Register., March 27, 1889, Page 1


Mr. D. Steen Thompson, of Parkersburg, was in the city yesterday.


Wheeling Register., June 01, 1889, Page 4


Col. D. Steen Thompson, of Parkersburg arrived in the city last evening and is visiting with his mother out the National road.


Picture of the Windsor Hotel in Wheeling WV

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer., June 24, 1889, Page 1


D. Steenrod Thompson, Superintendent of the Camden Consolidated Works, will resign in a very short time to become Superintendent of the new coal and coke company which is to operate along the line of the Monongahela River Railroad.


Wheeling 1, July 27, 1889, Page 4


Col. D. Steen Thompson, of Parkersburg, is at the Hotel Windsor


Wheeling Register., July 27, 1889, Page 4


‘Col. D. Steen Thompson was registered at the McLure, last evening.

“Steen” Thompson Dead.

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer., September 19, 1893, Page 3

Word was received in the city yesterday that D. Steen Thompson, a brother of Col. G. W. Thompson, of the Ohio River railroad, and of Col. William P. Thompson, of New York, and a brother-in-law of Senator Camden, he had died yesterday in a hospital for the insane. D. S. lost his mind about two years ago. He was forty years old, and leaves two children. Steenrod was a son of the late Judge Thompson, of this county. He was prominent in business circles until his mental malady manifested itself, his last position being that of superintendent of the Monongah mines.

Death of D. S. Thompson

Image of people gathered in lobby of the McClure house, image used to convey news of the death of Steenrod

Parkersburg Sentinel

Wheeling register, September 20, 1893, Page 4

Last evening at half-past eight o’clock Col. Geo. W. Thompson received a dispatch announcing the death at Weston of his brother Steenrod. Information received several days before announced that he could not live long, and his demise was not unexpected. Infirmities of a serious nature made it necessary several years ago to provide special care and attention for him, and he was taken to Weston and cared for, till his death.

The interment will be at Clarksburg, where his wife is buried, and the funeral will probably be held some time tomorrow. Mr. Thompson was 40 years old.


The Clarksburg telegram., September 22, 1893, Page 7

A Well-Known West Virginian Dies of Paresis at Weston. Funeral at Clarksburg

PARKERSBURG, W. VA., Sept. 17.— Colonel D. Stein Thompson, nephew of Senator Camden, and brother of Hon. Geo. W. Thompson, President of the Ohio River Railroad, died at the State Hospital for the Insane, at Weston, at 9 o’clock to night of paresis, produced by over work. Colonel Thompson, previous to his affliction, was General Manager of the Monongah Coal and Coke Company, and he had interests in several other large enterprises. He was widely known, not only for his business ability, but also for the position he held as a social leader.

Mr. Thompson was a brother of Mr. Wm. T. Thompson, president of the American White Lead Trust of New York, and also a brother-in-law of the late J. W. Thorn, of Clarksburg. The interment took place as above stated at the Clarksburg I.O.O.F. Cemetery on Tuesday. The following prominent citizens officiated as pall bearers:

Jno. C. Vance, H. L. Wells, Chas J. Goff, Lloyd Reed, Chas. L. Hickman, Clarence P. Moore, O. P. Boughner and C. M. Hart

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