David Cashen


The Daily Telegram., March 22, 1907

David Cashen Falls Under Wheels of a Freight Train on the B. & O. Near Simpson

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Men Were Drinking, It is Said, and It is Believed He was Intoxicated.

David Cashen, aged 55, who was until Thursday employed at the Sutter Roofing & Cornice company’s plant on West Pike street, was killed by a freight train on the main line of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad near Simpson Thursday night. He fell under the wheels of a car that he and several companions were riding on.

Quit Their Jobs.

With Cashen on the freight car were Albert Brown and Parson Wines, of this city, and Jess Steinburg, of Bridgeport. All had been employed at the Sutter plant as tinners but they threw up their jobs Thursday and decided to go on to another city. It is said that the men were drinking Thursday evening and it is supposed that Cashen lost his balance on the car because he was intoxicated. He was instantly killed and the body was badly mangled by the wheels of the train.

Remains in Grafton.

The remains were picked up and taken to Grafton where an undertaker has prepared them for burial. They will be brought to this city Friday evening and the funeral will take place in this city Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Cashen is survived by two sons and one daughter. One son, James Cashen, who resides in Glen Elk, is employed at the Sutter tin works. There is another son living in Oregon and the daughter, who is married, resides in Massachusetts. His wife has been dead for several years.


Steinberg, who was with Cashen when he fell from the train, is married and his wife and 

Several Children

Reside on Water street. One of the children, a little girl, went to the office of the Sutter establishment Friday morning and said that her father had left the family without telling them that he was going to leave. No word has been heard of him by the family or those at the Sutter plant.

It is not known here what action, if any, has been taken by the authorities at Grafton regarding the man’s death.


The Daily Telegram, March 23, 1907

They Arrive Here Saturday Morning From Grafton and Funeral is Held in Afternoon.

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The remains of David Cashen who was killed by a freight train on the B. & O. railroad at Simpson Thursday night, arrived in this city from Grafton Saturday morning and the funeral took place Saturday afternoon. The remains were taken to the home of James Cashen, a son, in Glen Elk, where funeral services were held. The burial was in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.

No action was taken by the authorities regarding the manner in which Cashen came to his death.

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