Dewey Custer

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The Daily Telegram., August 01, 1905

Dewey Custer Inscription

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Custer desire to express their deep appreciation of the uniform sympathy and kindness extended to them through the severe ordeal they have been passing in the sudden death of their youngest son, Dewey.

They pray God’s blessing and peace upon all who in any way by their kindly offices or presence showed them sympathy in their sad hour of bereavement.


The Clarksburg Telegram., August 04, 1905

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Little Dewey Custer, seven-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Custer, of near the Monticello addition was the victim of a terrible and most deplorable accident Thursday evening, being dragged under the heels of a frightened pony which kicked him to such an extent that he died within a few hours.

The frightful accident occurred in the barn yard of the Custer place about six o’clock Thursday evening. The pony was standing in the yard while the boys of the family were eating supper.

Young Dewey finished his supper first and went out into the yard to ride the pony. He told the folks what he was going to do but no danger was thought of as the young boys had been riding the pony for a long time and it was gentle and docile.

Soon after the boy had gone into the barn yard the members of the family heard him screaming at the top of his voice and all ran out to see what was the matter, but before they reached the scene of the accident they met Mrs. Ridgeway, who lives on the property adjacent to the Custer place, carrying the insensible form of the boy in the house.

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Mrs. Ridgeway was the only eyewitness of the accident. She saw the boy fall from the saddle and catch his leg in one of the stirrups. This frightened the pony and it started to run the unfortunate boy being dragged under its heels.

While running the pony became more excited and frightened at the boy’s body under its heels and tried to kick him out of the way. The pony kept running around the barn yard and kicking the poor boy as it ran.

Mrs. Ridgeway ran to the boy’s rescue immediately and succeeded in releasing the lad’s leg from the stirrup and so getting him away from the pony’s kicks. The boy was carried into the house and medical attention rendered him.

He lingered in great agony until about 8 o’clock, when death relieved him of his sufferings.


The little fellow’s body was a mess of bruises from head to foot where the pony’s heels struck him. The kicks were so numerous and of such force that he received internal injuries that caused his death. The skull was not fractured nor the body mangled.

The Custer family is suffering great grief over the awful accident which cost the life of their boy. Dewey was the youngest of seven children and was a great favorite with the family. Mrs. Custer is prostrated and Mr. Custer is greatly affected over the sad and deplorable occurrence.

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