Dominick Oguzzo


Italians had a hot mix up over the price but didn’t Fight.

Kessler Hospital where Dominick Oguzzo died

The Clarksburg Telegram., January 26, 1900

Dominick Oguzzo, of Farnum, an Italian, died at Kessler Hospital, at 6 o’clock Saturday morning, of typhoid pneumonia, contracted Christmas week. The virulence of the disease was quickened by the fellow’s lying out one night drunk.

A friend of the dead man directed Mike Kelley to purchase the coffin. Mike did so at a cost of $35. The other Italian, when he learned the price, contended that $35 was too much and claimed a like coffin could have been bought for $15.

Mike and the Italian had some hot words and passed the lie but did not come to blows. 

Map image of the I.O.O.F. Cemetery where Dominick Oguzzo is interred

The remains were interred Saturday in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery, the coffin over which the dispute arose being used.

*Dominick Oguzzo was listed as Dominic Guzzo in the Register of Deaths. Click here for his entry.*

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