Dr. J. Preston Miller


The Washington Herald., January 24, 1909, page 5

Prominent Physician of Washington Succumbs to Bright’s Disease.

Headstone of Dr. J. Preston Miller

Dr. J. Preston Miller, who for years was a leading physician in Washington, died yesterday morning at 8 o’clock of Bright’s disease.

Dr. Miller was a graduate of the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia ; the Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, and studied at Berlin and Budapest universities. He was a member of the American and British Medical societies, the Medical Society of the District of Columbia, and was a frequent contributor to medical journals.

Dr. J. Preston Miller enjoyed a successful practice in Washington and his patients were devoted to him. He is survived by his wife, who was Miss D. Anna Gore, of Clarksburg W. Va., and one daughter, Miss Lillian Miller, who was recently graduated from the Washington High School, and who has qualified as a teacher.

Map of Washington D. C., were Dr. J. Preston Miller resided for 15 years.

The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2:30 o’clock from the home, 2621 Fourteenth Street Northwest. Rev. George F. Dudley, of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, will officiate. The body will be taken to Clarksburg for burial.


The Washington Times., January 24, 1909, Sunday Evening Edition, Page 5

Funeral services for Dr. Preston Miller were held this afternoon, at 2:30 o’clock, at the Miller residence, 2621 Fourteenth Street Northwest. The body will be taken to Clarksburg, W. Va., this evening for interment.

Dr. Miller was fifty-eight years of age and had been practicing in this city for more than ten years. He was stricken with Bright’s disease a short time ago and died yesterday morning.


Dr. J. Preston Miller studied medicine at the Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, and took post graduate courses in Berlin and Budapest. He leaves his wife and one child.


Evening Star., January 24, 1909 (Washington, D. C. )

MILLER, On Saturday, January 23, 1909, at 8 a. m., at his residence, 2621 14th street northwest, Dr. J. PRESTON MILLER. Funeral from his late residence at 2:30 p. m. Sunday, January, 24, Dr. Dudley of St. Stephen’s P. E. Church officiating. 



Evening Star., January 25, 1909, page 18 (Washington, D. C. )

Body Will Be Interred at Clarksburg, W. Va., Today

The funeral of Dr. J. Preston Miller, who died at his residence, 2621 14th street northwest. Saturday morning after a short illness, took place from the house yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. Rev. George F. Dudley, pastor of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, officiated. The body was taken to Clarksburg, W. Va., last night for burial today.

Map of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D. C.
Used to illustrate the distance the body of Dr. J. Preston Miller traveled

Dr. Miller was fifty-six years old at the time of his death. He had been a practicing physician in this city for ten years prior to his death.

He was a native of West Virginia, and obtained his education in several leading institutions in this country and abroad.

His wife and one daughter, Miss Lillian Miller, survive him.


The Daily Telegram., January 25, 1909, page 4

Dr. Miller’s Body Brought Here From Washington for Its Final Resting Place.

The body of Dr. J. Preston Miller, formerly of Buckhannon, arrived here from Washington, D. C., Monday morning and was interred in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.

Dr. Miller resided in Washington the last 15 years. He is survived by a daughter Miss Lillian, and his wife, who was Miss Anna Gore, daughter of Julius Gore, now deceased, and Mrs. Mary Gore, former residents of Adamston.

Old map image of Odd Fellows' Cemetery where Dr. J. Preston Miller was interred

Dr. Miller and Miss Gore were married here in 1882, and later he took a special course in Europe and since then they have resided in Washington.

Relatives and friends met the body here and accompanied it to the grave with the family.

His death occurred Saturday morning and was caused by Bright’s disease. His age was 56 years.

The funeral proper was held in Washington Sunday. Rector John Ewell of Christ Episcopal Church here led the services at the grave.

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