Edgar Manderbert Davisson

Valuable Farm For Sale!

Cooper’s Clarksburg Register., February 04, 1852

Edgar M. Davisson Grave Marker

BY virtue of a deed of trust executed to me by Wm. S. Hanford on the 24th day of February, 1849, and of record in the Clarks’s office of the county court of Harrison county, Va., in Book No. 35, page 262, I will, on the fourth day of March, next, before the court-house door of Harrison county, proceed, in pursuances of said trust deed, to sell to the highest bidder, One Hundred and Eighty-two Acres of land, lying on Brown’s creek, in said county, well improved, with a comfortable dwelling house thereon, coal bank, apple and peach orchards of the best selected fruit, and the wooded land of the best quality. It is the farm upon which the said Wm. S. Hansford now resides. The title, I believe is indisputable, and any one wishing to purchase the farm, can examine for themselves; I, acting as trustee, shall only make such title as is vested in me as trustee.

Terms of sale:—The purchaser will be required to pay down Two Hundred Dollars of the purchase money, and for the residue, a credit of one, two and three years will be given the purchaser, upon his executing his bond with approved security, and a lien retained upon the land for the same.

January 28th, 1852.–4t

Democratic Meeting.

Cooper’s Clarksburg Register., September 15, 1852

At a meeting of a portion of the Democrats of Harrison county, held in pursuance of notice, at their Court-house in Clarksburg, on the 9th day of September, 1852, (being court day) Doct. BENJ. DOLBEARE was called to the Chair, and EDGAR M. DAVISSON, appointed Secretary.

The object of the meeting having been explained, the following resolutions were adopted :

Democratic Republican Symbol

Resolved, 1st, That as members of the Democratic Republican party, as well as citizens interested in the success and promotion of the great Republican principles of free government, it becomes us to prepare by a thorough organization for a vigorous and active participation in the present Presidential canvass, fraught with so many results, not only of a strictly party character, but results of the highest moment to us as citizens of a slave holding State, and members of this glorious Union.

2d. That to effect an efficient organization, we hereby resolve ourselves into a Democratic Association, and that every Democrat in the county be and is hereby invited to join us as a member of the Association and co-laborer in securing the Democratic triumph which we are to achieve in November next.

On motion of Col. A. J. Smith, a committee was appointed to report to an adjourned meeting to be held on Friday evening, a constitution for the government of the Association, and then on motion, the meeting adjourned to meet the next evening.

FRIDAY, 10th, 1852.

Col. Smith from the Committee appointed for that purpose, reported a Constitution, which was read and adopted, and thereupon the meeting proceeding to the election of officers, when the following persons were elected:

Col. Cyrus Vance, President; C. W. Smith and G. G. Davisson, Vice Presidents; Edgar M. Davisson, Secretary; Benjamin Bassel, junior, Treasurer ; Col. A. J. Smith, L. D. Dolbeare, and C. T. Bruen, Corresponding Committee ; Col. Benj. Wilson, J. H. Drummond, and B. S. Griffin, Financial Committee.

The appointment of officers under the Constitution having been concluded, Col. Vance, in a short but appropriate speech, returned his thanks to the Association and took his seat as President.

Map of Virginia in 1850's

The meeting then adopted a resolution inviting Hon. Henry A. Wise, Chas. Jas. Faulkner, James M. Mason, Henry Bedinger, John Letcher and John Randolph Tucker, to visit Clarksburg, and address them on the 18th day of October next, at which time they have determined to hold a Mass Meeting, if the gentlemen invited, or any of them, can be prevailed upon to attend.

Letters have been written them, to which answers are expected in time to let our friends in this and the adjoining counties know whether a Mass Meeting will be held on the day named.

After the transaction of some other business, the Association adjourned to meet again on the 25th inst.


Sale of a Tract of Land near the Town of Clarksburg.

Cooper’s Clarksburg Register., February 01, 1854

Wm. Rankins and others
Billingsby Allen and others.

Pursuant to a decree rendered in the above cause in the Circuit Court of Harrison county at the Fall term thereof, for the year 1853, the undersigned, commissioners, will on the first day of the February term of the County Court of Harrison County, for the year 1854, at the front door of the Court House of said county, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, the land with the bill and proceedings of said cause mentioned, being a tract of 187 acres, lying on the West Fork river and Fall Run, about three quarters of a mile north of Clarksburg, and adjoining the farm now occupied by A. Werninger, Esq. Said tract of land is well timbered.

TERMS.–Credit of one, two, and three years, with interest from day of sale. Purchaser giving bond with good personal security and retain a lien on said land as a further security for the payment of the purchase money.

Dec7 2m.

Democrat Donkey
Cooper’s Clarksburg Register., October 31, 1855

We are authorized to announce EDGAR M. DAVISSON, as a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of G. G. Davisson.

The Wheeling Daily Register., January 11, 1870

The case of Edgar M. Davisson, administrator, vs. Burton Despard, executor, was argued by Mr. Boggess until the hour of adjournment. The case will be further considered this morning at 9 o’clock.

The Wheeling Daily Register., November 13, 1871

NOTARIES PUBLIC.–Since our last report, says the Charleston Courier, Notaries Public have been appointed as follows; Edgar M. Davisson, Harrison County, Clarksburg;


The Wheeling Daily Register., April 13, 1876

HARRISON CO., W. VA., April 10, ‘76.

Editors of the Register:

We, the undersigned citizens of Harrison county, W. Va. desire to suggest the name of Edgar M. Davisson, of Clarksburg, Harrison County, as a suitable candidate for the office of Auditor of Public Accounts, of West Va. Mr. E. M. Davisson is well qualified for the office. A man who stands high in his profession as a lawyer, and would discharge the duties of the office credibly and satisfactorily to the public. He has always been a Democrat, and has faithfully labored to advance the interests of the party.

We hope it will be the pleasure of the next State Convention to nominate him for this place.

[Signed] T. A. Horuor, William Lee, Daniel J. Adams, James M. Carpenter, A. Boring, Stephen Radcliff, Austin Shinn, and Mason Lee.

The Clarksburg Telegram., September 28, 1894, pg. 7

A suit in court that has attracted no small amount of attention was a contest between Neil Southern and Edgar M. Davisson over a pump. It appears that Neil sold Mr. Davisson a certain pump which Davisson would not accept when it was delivered. Neil had the pump dumped out some place in town and brought an action against Mr. Davisson for the money he alleged was due, $22.50. Neil got judgment. Next Mr. Davisson failed to find the pump and he brought suit to recover the pump or his money. The case was decided in favor of Southern this week.

The Clarksburg Telegram., June 07, 1895, pg. 7

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Davisson left Thursday for Red Sulphur Springs, W. Va., where Mrs. Davisson hopes to regain her health.

The Clarksburg Telegram., September 06, 1895
Death reaps

Edgar M. Davisson, one of Clarksburg’s oldest citizens, died last Friday. He was near eighty and was born in Clarksburg, and lived here all his life, being the oldest man who has spent his whole life in this town.

He has been prominently before the people of central West Virginia in various capacities for over fifty year. For many years he was deputy circuit clerk, and later was a practicing attorney, although the most of his time was occupied in attending to the management of his property.

His death was a great surprise, as few knew he was sick. He was walking around town Wednesday. His father, Daniel Davisson, was one of the oldest settlers in this section, and formerly owned almost all the land on which Clarksburg is situated.

Mr. Davisson has been twice married, his second wife still surviving him.

The Clarksburg Telegram., September 13, 1895

Mrs. Emma Holden attended the funeral of her uncle Edgar Davisson.

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