Edmund Augustine Peck

The Clarksburg Telegram., November 24, 1893, page 7.
Headstone inscription of Edmund Augustine Peck

Edmund Augustine Peck, Esq., attended a meeting of the Grand Lodge I. O. O. F. at Wheeling this week and was appointed a member of several important committees.


The Clarksburg Telegram., December 03, 1897, page 7

Three link symbol of the Odd Fellows which Edmund Augustine Peck was a member of

“There’s nothing terrible in death;
‘Tis but to cast our robes away,
And sleep at night without a breath
To break repose till dawn of day.”

Brother Edmund Augustine Peck, Past Grand Representative of West Va., was born in Bridgeport, Harrison County, W. Va., December 5th, 1832, and died at his home in Clarksburg, W. Va., on Nov. 21, 1897, in his sixty-fifth.

He became a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows on October 2d, 1855, by initiation into Adelphi Lodge No. 47 of Virginia, which in 1865 became Adelphi Lodge No. 8 of West Va.

He was elected to the office of Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of West Va. in October, 1875, and Grand Representative to the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the United States, in October, 1876.

The order always retained his warmest affections, and his interests and devotions to the principles of the order he had served so well and loved so much, never faltered or failed till the lamp of his life had been extinguished, and in return the order felt proud of him and his character.

He was a man of strong individuality, upright and strictly honest in as eminent degree. In his death the order at large loses an active sympathizer and a real Odd Fellow..

Be it ours to emulate his virtues, and strive to cultivate those graces which adorned and dignified his character.

He sleeps in peace and his memory will ever be held in reverence by the fraternity.

Stock image Angel of Death

“Soft and safe to you our Brother, be thy earthly bed; bright and glorious be thy rising from it.”


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