Florence H. Bartlett Fisher


Mrs. R. M. Fisher, of Wilsonburg, is Now in Presence of the Perfect Teacher.

The Daily Telegram., January 20, 1916

Mrs. Florence Fisher, wife of Prof. R. M. Fisher, died at their home at Wilsonburg at 10 o’clock Thursday morning.

Mrs. Fisher was one of the strong school teachers of the county. She had devoted thirty years of her life to the advancement of pupils in the public schools of this county and at the time of her death she was a teacher in the Adamston School.

Photograph of Adamston School were Florence Fisher taught

The deceased woman was a daughter of the late Dr. Thornberry Bartlett, of Mt. Clare, and besides her husband, she leaves one brother, “Lon” Bartlett, postmaster at Buckhannon; and three sisters, Mrs. Alonzo Wetzel, of Stealey Heights; Mrs. AL Linger, of Fairmont; and Mrs. John Linger, of Lewis county.

Mrs. Fisher had spent some time in hospitals and with specialists who could only help her but could effect no permanent cure. Her husband and friends prevailed upon her to give up her school work for the first four months of the present term, but she longed to be in the work of helping. She was stricken with lagrippe which brought on other complications which resulted in her death.

Years ago Mrs. Fisher was an apt pupil of Dr. J. L. Craig in Clarksburg as well as of Miss “Belle” Davisson who was called into the presence of the Perfect Teacher Monday. She feelingly spoke of some incidents in the class room of Miss “Belle” on learning of her death.

First Baptist Church where Florence was a member

Mrs. Fisher was 48 years old and a member of the Baptist Church. Her funeral will be preached by the Rev. Dr. W. C. Taylor at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon at the First Baptist church here and interment will be at the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery.


The Daily Telegram., January 27, 1916

Stock image of Last Will and Testament

Rossi M. Fisher has qualified as administrator of the estate of Florence H. Fisher giving bond of $1,000 with the National Surety Company surety. The appraisers of the estate are Emory Bates, John Floyd and Jerome Swiger.

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