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The Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance is dedicated to transparency in how our organization utilizes donations and volunteer hours. We like to keep this page up to date with all of the questions we receive. If there is any questions that you do not find on this page and you would like further information about our organization, please feel free to ask anything you want, we will gladly answer any submissions to our fullest ability as well as update this page.

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Frequently asked questions
  • When did the Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance take ownership of the cemetery and from what entity?

    The Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance took ownership as of December 19th 2017
    from The Glen Elk Development Association.

  • What was the cost of taking ownership of the Former I.O.O.F. Cemetery?

    The cost as laid out in the Quitclaim Deed was $10.
    Fees associated with filing the Deed with the Harrison County Clerk’s Office were approximately $28.

  • What is the proper name of the cemetery?

    The cemetery has been known by a few names over the years, most commonly referred to as “Odd Fellows Cemetery” ,“The IOOF Cemetery”, or “The Cemetery on South Chestnut Street”. Out of respect to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the organization which founded the cemetery, we have referred to the cemetery as “The Former IOOF Cemetery” (in accordance with their request to change the name so as to show the cemetery is no longer affiliated with their organization) since 2011.

  • What are our goals for preserving the headstones in the cemetery and how will the Historical Society will be a huge part of that process?

    We are working in conjunction with the Harrison County Historical Society and Americorp for a series of
    restoration projects to be held over the course of the 2018 grounds keeping season which typically runs from
    March through November. We will be announcing more details in the coming weeks and months. Please visit this website periodically to stay updated on these and other important events.

  • Where does the funding come from to maintain the cemetery and fixing headstones?

    Funding for the Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance for this past year were due to a
    combination of private donations, a donation from The City of Clarksburg, and fundraising efforts. Our main
    fundraiser this past year was soliciting sponsorships for wreaths through Wreaths Across America. Wreaths
    Across America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of Remembering the fallen, Honoring
    those who serve, and Teaching the next generation the value of freedom. WAA holds an annual ceremony
    on the third Saturday in December known as Wreaths Across America Day, where live wreaths are placed
    on the headstones of Veterans as a way to honor all Veterans and active duty military members. The
    wreaths comprised of fresh evergreens are a symbolic gesture that has been used for centuries to
    recognize honor and as a living tribute renewed annually. The tradition is viewed as a living memorial to
    both veterans and their families.
    We raised 111 sponsored wreaths with Wreaths Across America receiving $1110 out of the $1665 total and
    the Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance receiving $555 through the payback option. We
    were honored to have 3 cemeteries participate among 1100 other memorials to bring their mission of
    Remember Honor Teach to Clarksburg WV. We look forward to having the Jackson Cemetery, the Daniel
    Davisson DAR Cemetery, the former IOOF Cemetery, and others participate for years to come. We are also
    planning other fundraisers and seeking other funding opportunities for more information please visit

  • The county commission seemed ready to help once it was a non-profit. Will the HCWVCPA be going back with a request?

    Yes, the Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance will hopefully in the near future. In addition to the County Commission’s request and concern pertaining to public funds benefiting a private organization, I believe the recent change in ownership of the Former IOOF Cemetery satisfies that. There were other criteria laid out pertaining to the Former Clarksburg IOOF Cemetery Restoration Project and we are working towards resolving that as well. The current ownership situations at the Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery and the Jackson Cemetery project already satisfy their ownership criteria. The other criteria regarding these restoration projects involve prioritization of the numerous markers that are in various degrees of disrepair.

  • What is our mission and the future for the organization?

    The Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance is an organization dedicated to ensuring that
    the grounds of these and other historic burial grounds are well maintained and restored (as best as
    possible) to a condition prior to when these important heritage sites fell into disrepair. We strive to provide
    peace of mind to the living relatives of these deceased individuals and rekindle pride in our community of
    Clarksburg and Harrison County by sharing the histories of the numerous individuals and their life stories
    through teaching about their contributions to our community, both locally and nationally. We are always
    seeking donations and volunteers to assist with our growing efforts. Please periodically visit our website to
    get involved and learn more about our organization, our projects, and links to our partners.