George W. Albright

Busy Session Of City Council

Matters of Great Importance Considered–
One Councilman fined for being Absent.
License Granted.

The Headstone Inscription of George W. Albright

The Clarksburg Telegram.,
May 09, 1902, page 2

Excerpt–George W. Albright and others asked for a sewer in Smith and Glen Moor additions. It was referred to the proper committee.

Iron Clad Paving Company.

The Clarksburg Telegram., August 29, 1902

The Iron Clad Paving Company, of which Percy Limer is the efficient general manager, has met with phenomenal success since its organization a few months ago.

Among the recent pieces of cement paving it has done are the pavements at the residences of Frank Armstrong on Chestnut Street, George Albright, on Mulberry Street and M. B. Curkendall on Clay Street and many others.

The company also does a lot of cellar paving. The best people of the city have found the work of this company thoroughly reliable and modern.


Kessler Hospital

Succumbed to Typhoid Fever..
–A Good Citizen Gone.

The Clarksburg Telegram.,
September 19, 1902

The death of George W. Albright at Kessler hospital at 8:30 o’clock last night was a great shock to the community. He had been afflicted with heart and kidney trouble several years and this together with typhoid fever, which seized him last Tuesday, caused his death.

He was taken to the hospital at 1:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

The funeral was conducted at at the family residence on Mulberry Street at 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Thomas W. Cooke, and the last sad rites were performed by the Odd Fellows’ Lodge, of which he was a member.

Odd Fellows' Banner

The deceased was a son of Frederick Albright. His parents were poor but honest. The boy had the traits of his father and in early youth showed enterprise and integrity. He began life driving cows. He was partially reared by Juniper Adams, a pioneer citizen.

When but a lad he engaged himself as clerk in Smith, Brown & Co.’s store and remained several years. After accumulative a few hundred dollars, he went to Kansas and lost all he had. Undaunted he returned here and through the assistance of Mr. Adams went into business.

He conducted a very successful hardware and tinware business, until two years ago he sold it to E. A. Batten. He accumulated considerable property and was in good circumstances when death ensued.

Mr. Albright married Nora Hoff, a daughter of Silas Hoff, deceased, who was a prominent business man. She and a small son, five brothers and one sister survive him. He was forty-two years of age. His death has removed a splendid citizen.

The Clarksburg Telegram., October 04, 1902 page 9

Wednesday afternoon Sherman C. Denham qualified in the county clerk’s office as administrator of the personal estate of George W. Albright, deceased. The  bond is $10,000. His bondsmen are David Davidson and Samuel R. Harrison.

Sale of Personal Property.

Stock image of last will and testament

The Clarksburg Telegram., October 24, 1902, page 11

I will sell at the front door of the court house Saturday, October 25, 1902, at 2 p.m. the following personal property belonging to the estate of George W. Albright, deceased :

One lot of tinners’ tools.
One saddle and bridle.
One carriage and pole.
One black cow, 5 years old.

Adm’r of Geo. W. Albright, dec’d.

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