Hiram L. Munday


The Daily Telegram., November 16, 1905

Headstone of Hiram Munday

Hiram Munday has sold his farm of 180 acres on the Duck Creek road near West Milford, to Reuben Kemper, of Lewis County, a brother of Dr. A. J. Kemper, of West Milford.

The price has not been given out but is said to be a handsome figure.

Mr. Kemper will move on the farm. He is an enterprising man and a good citizen.


The Daily Telegram. November 28, 1905

West Milford, Nov. 28–Hiram Munday is moving into the property he just purchased of H. Hefner.


The Daily Telegram., June 26, 1906
The Clarksburg Telegram., June 29, 1906

As the time is near when a county ticket is to be nominated, we nominate Hiram L. Munday for county commissioner, and move his nomination by acclamation.

Birds Eye View West Milford Circa 1910, Hiram lived in this town
The Daily Telegram., July 14, 1906
The Clarksburg Telegram., July 20, 1906

Hiram L. Munday was here Saturday from West Milford. He is one of the substantial citizens of the county and will likely announce himself for the Republican nomination for county commissioner, a number of men from various sections of the county having insisted on his running for the office.

The Clarksburg Telegram., July 27, 1906

Hiram L. Munday, candidate for county commissioner, was in Clarksburg Saturday, probably nailing a few loose boards on the political fence. Mr. Munday is certainly in that class from which good court timber may be selected, and we feel certain that no mistake will be made if he is made the Republican standard bearer.


The Daily Telegram., August 20, 1906
The Daily Telegram., August 27, 1906

Symbol of the Republican Party

County Commissioner

I hereby announce myself at a Republican candidate for County Commissioner subject to the Republican Primary election.



The Daily Telegram., September 28, 1906


The vote was as follows:

Harrison County Map Image

County Commissioner
B. Brown Stout………..1154
Hiram L. Munday…….  300
James S. Griffin ………. 282


The Daily Telegram., December 10, 1906 page 5

Hiram Munday is improving his newly purchased property on Liberty Street.


The Daily Telegram., May 07, 1907, page 5

Hiram L. Munday was baptized Saturday by Rev. L. W. Holden and received into the Baptist Church on Sunday.


Permits the West Milford Mill Dam to Be Opened  for Water Supply
The Daily Telegram., August 16, 1911

Mill and Damn Near West Milford

Clarksburg is indebted to Captain Hiram L. Munday, of West Milford, for a large fresh water supply. As a matter of precaution Scott G. Highland, secretary of water works and sewerage board, went to West Milford Tuesday afternoon, where through the courtesy of Captain Munday a mill dam of water in the West Fork river was opened, giving the city much more water in its dam. Captain Munday was under no obligations whatever to permit the dam to be opened, but his life has ever been characterized by consideration for others and in this instance he readily extended a courtesy Clarksburg people will not soon forget.


The Daily Telegram., March 19, 1913

Captain Hiram Munday is very ill at his home at West Milford.


The Daily Telegram., April 14, 1913, page 5

An Aged Resident of West Milford is Taken by Death Angel.

Funeral services over the body of Hiram Munday, an aged resident of West Milford, who died at his home there late Saturday afternoon after a long illness of heart trouble, were held at a church there Monday afternoon. The body was brought here and the burial services which were conducted by the Odd Fellows lodge of which the deceased man was a member, were at the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.

Surviving him are his aged wife, Harry, a son, and a married daughter.

Flag commemorating WV statehood--Hiram served during the Civil War

Captain Munday served in the Union Army during the Civil War and his record was such that he came out as a captain having been promoted from the position of a private. He followed farming and the lumber business until he retired from business a few years ago. He was prominent in the ranks of the Republican party.

Captain Munday was one of the best known men of the county and was possessed of a genial dispositon and affectionately regarded as everybody’s friend. He was a man of culture, refinement and tireless energy, and contributed largely to the success and prosperity of the town in which he lived. He was a kind, considerate neighbor, faithful friend, and generous, charitable man. Captain Munday will be missed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Captain Munday was 70 years old.


The Daily Telegram., April 23, 1913, page 7

Is Probated and Harvey W. Harmer Qualifies as Its Executor.

The will of Hiram L. Munday has been probated Harvey W. Harmer executor  with bond at $9,000 and W. J. S. Harmer surety. The appraisers of the estate are George W. Sturm, Dr. V. A. Selby and George Morrison.

Stock image of Last Will and Testament

Mr. Munday gave $1,000 and his home property to Helen V. Munday, his wife, her life time, his household goods to his wife and Ruth Ayers whom they raised, Harry, his son, a $400 held against him and at the death of his wife the home property and what may be left of the thousand dollars, Nellie M. Floyd, a daughter, $1,000 and the Water street and Maxwell properties at West Milford, Ruth Ayers four West Milford lots and $1,500 as well as his interest in a gas well on the Kemper Farm and Harry Munday, Nellie M. Floyd and Ruth Ayers all interest in gas wells that may be drilled on the Kemper Farm as well as all other property not specifically bequeathed.

The will was written October 15, 1911.


The Daily Telegram., August 21, 1913 page 8

The accounts of the following named fiduciaries are before me for settlement:–

Harvey W. Harmer, Executor of the Estate of Hiram L. Munday, deceased.

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