Ira Hart


At the City Water Dam is Ira, Son of Charles M. Hart of the City.

The Daily Telegram., September 04, 1912
The Clarksburg Telegram., September 05, 1912

Ira Hart, son of Charles M. Hart, was drowned at the city water dam at 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, where he and four or five other boys were swimming, among whom were Seymour Reynolds and “Bud” Ferrell. In some manner not seen by his companions, he was washed over the dam.

George Tutwiler who had been sent to the dam to open it walked half way across the dam and saw the water too high to begin his work in safety and in coming back he saw the boy struggling in the water below the dam. He rushed to shore and after running down along the river bank, he plunged into the water and swam to the drowning boy. The latter put his arms around his neck in his struggles and Mr. Tutwiler bore him toward the shore the best his strength would allow. Where the water was very swift he pushed the boy ahead and quickly caught him again.


Within three feet of shore the boy gasped but he was dead when Tutwiler reached the shore with him.

Resuscitation Efforts….

Drs. H. H. Haynes and John B. Payne, the latter the first to arrive, worked on the boy forty-five minutes in the hope of saving his life, and men rolled the boy on a barrel several minutes when he was brought to shore.

Resuscitation method -- Rolling on a barrel

While Mr. Tutwiler was trying to save the boy, he yelled to persons on shore to call a physician and one arrived within eight minutes after the boy had been gotten out of the river.

During the struggles of Mr. Tutwiler and the boy to get out of the river, fifteen or twenty men came running to the river from the star rig and reel works to aid them but they only arrived as Mr. Tutwiler reached shore with the boy.

The news of the drowning spread very rapidly and caused a high degree of excitement and great sympathy.

The boy was nine years old.


Will Be Buried in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery After Services at Home.

The Daily Telegram., September 05, 1912

Post card of West Fork River in Clarksburg WV

The funeral of Ira Hart, aged 9 years, son of Charles M. Hart, who was drowned while swimming in the West Fork river at the water works dam Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, will be held at the home on Locust street Friday morning at 10:30 o’clock. The Rev. Charles Baird Mitchell, rector of Christ Episcopal church, will conduct the services. Burial will be in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery.

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