James N. David

Squire David’s Mother Dead.

The Clarksburg Telegram., May 16, 1902, pg. 3

Mrs. Mary A. David, mother of Squire James N. David, died at the home of her daughter near Smithfield, Pa., Thursday of last week from paralysis. She was 85 years of age. Squire David and son, W. E. David, attended the funeral Saturday, and returned home Saturday night.

David Family Grave Marker

The Daily Telegram., January 30, 1908 pg. 3
The Daily Telegram., February 1, 1908 pg. 3


LOST—Bunch of keys; finder please return to James N. David, court house, and get a reward.
James N. David


Complaint Fails to Furnish Any Evidence Against Dr. Fultz in Court.

Harrison County Courthouse

The Daily Telegram., January 09, 1908

At the instance of Daniel H. Cutright a warrant was issued by Justice James N. David Wednesday evening against Dr. B. H. Fultz, of Adamston, charging him with shipping his household goods and other effects out of the county to prevent their being levied on to satisfy judgements against him. The declaration was made that some of the goods had already been shipped to Virginia.

Dr. Fultz denied that he was guilty of the charge, and, as the prosecution furnished no evidence at the hour set for trial, Thursday afternoon at 1 o’clock, Justice David dismeissed the warrant.

The Daily Telegram., February 26, 1908 pg. 9

Justice James N. David is suffering from la grippe and was not able to be in his office yesterday afternoon and part of today.


Of Republicans for Justice, Constable and Board of Education.

Thomas Nast's Republican Elephant

The Daily Telegram., April 11, 1908

As shown by the official canvass of the Republican primary election returns the district nominees in the county are as follows:

Clark District,

For Justice of the Peace–W. P. Camp, James N. David.

Of Youthful Age is Sent to Jail To Await the Grand Jury’s Action.

Rendering of Court

The Clarksburg Telegram., April 23, 1908

Harry Kurts, a young man, was committed to jail Saturday morning, charged with being one of the gang which robbed freight cars at Byron the first of the week, upon his failure to give bond of $1,000 as fixed by Justice James N. David, to await the action of the grand jury. He was brought in Friday night, and, when he was arraigned before the magistrate, he waived examination. It is stated that he made a confession to the arresting officers.


The Daily Telegram., June 23, 1908, pg. 5

Lee Anderson was fined one dollar and costs by Justice James N. David Tuesday upon complaint of Mrs. Anderson, his wife, who stated that he had abused and threatened her. The court also required a bond of $50 to keep the peace three months.


The Daily Telegram., September 15, 1908 pg. 3

The account of the following named fiduciary is before me for settlement: W. A. Blair guardian of Nina Lee Fittro. Given under my hand–

Commissioner of Accounts,
For Harrison County, West Virginia.

The Daily Telegram., October 15, 1908, pg. 8

(excerpt) — Rev. W. O. David, of Monongah, was the guest of his brother, James N. David, last night, en route to the synod meeting at Sisterville.

(excerpt from) Good Magisterial Timber

The Daily Telegram., October 30, 1908, pg. 4

Blind scales of justice

Justice James N. David has the confidence and respect of every member of the Harrison County Bar.

He is learned in the law. He is fair and honest in his judgement. He possesses a splendid judicial mind.

He is an ideal justice of the peace. Besides, he fought for his country and flag and he is one who has ever been steadfast in the Republican faith.

He has been nominated by the Republicans for re-election. He should have the vote of every Republican in Clark district, and he merits the support of the Democrats, many of whom will doubtless vote for him.


And Constables in All the Magisterial Districts of Harrison County.

The Daily Telegram., November 05, 1908, pg. 5

Incomplete returns of the votes cast for justices of the peace and constables in Harrison County indicate that the following were elected:

Clark District.
W. P. Camp, Rep., and James N. David, Rep., were elected justices by estimated pluralities of about 150 each.


Canvass Shows Number of Votes for Justices, Constables, and Others.


Majority of Those Elected in the Districts Are Republican in Politics

The Daily Telegram., November 13, 1908

The results of the election of district officers in the county is given below:
James N. David, R……… 1213


The Daily Telegram., November 06, 1908

Enzie Green and Frank Kent, both colored, will be tried next Tuesday by Justice James N. David on a warrant sworn out by Frank Thomas, colored, charging them with assaulting him last Monday night.


Long and Useful Career on Earth Comes to An End Peacefully.

Death comes

The Clarksburg Telegram., December 17, 1908

James Nicholas David, justice of the peace for Clark-district, died at his home 336 South Second Street in this city at 11:30 o’clock Wednesday forenoon.

Justice David was taken ill Friday morning after Thanksgiving and a stroke of paralysis followed in a few days. He continued to grow weaker until the death angel came.

Mr. David was a son of Joseph M. and Mary Ann Kildow David, and was born in Wharton township, Fayette County, PA., December 15, 1841. He was therefore 67 years and one day old at the time of his demise.

22nd PA Ringgold Battalion Book

After being educated in the common schools and at George’s Creek academy at Smithfield, Pa., he enlisted in 1861 in what was first known as the Ringgold Battalion, but later the Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Regiment of the Union army in the Civil War, becoming a member of Company D, with Hugh Keyes captain. He served throughout the war, participating in engagements at Piedmont, Keyser, Overfield and surrounding sections.

At the close of the war he engaged in teaching in this state and taught one term in Illnois. He was principal of the Bridgeport and Salem schools a number of years ago and served one term as county superintendent of schools in an efficient and popular manner from 1883 to 1885.

September 2, 1876, Mr. David and Miss Emma Bond, of Quiet Dell, were married, and they resided there a number of years. From that place they moved to Salem and thence to Clarksburg 19 years ago, and resided here ever since. Three children were born to them but all are dead. They were Truman A., William E. and Ellsworth. The first two named died after reaching manhood and Elisworth died in infancy.

Justice David served as elder of the Gnatty Creek Presbyterian church 16 years and filled a similiar office in the First Presbyterian church here for about 18 years.

For 22 years he served as commissioner of accounts and 16 years as justice of the peace here and was re-elected at the recent election to the office of justice of the peace.

The wife survives as well as do three brothers. The latter are Hon. J. E. David, or Croy, Oregon; J. S. David, of Morgantown; and the Rev. W. O. David, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Monongah.

Justice David was an upright man, a useful citizen, a possessor of high ideals, a brave soldier and truly a Christian gentleman. His demise brings sorrow to all who came in contact with him during his long and useful career.

The funeral and burial will likely be Friday afternoon, the services to be led by the Rev. Dr. H. T. McClelland of the First Presbyterian church at 2 o’clock and the interment will be in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.


The Daily Telegram., December 17, 1908

The funeral of James Nicholas David, who died Wednesday at his home at 336 South Second Street, will take place Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock, with services at the late residence, led by the Rev. H. T. McClelland, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and burial in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.


By the County Court to Succeed the Late Justice James N. David.

The Daily Telegram., December 18, 1908
The Clarksburg Telegram., December 25, 1908

At Friday’s session of the county court Patterson M. Long was appointed by the court as justice of the peace for Clark district to serve the unexpired term of the late Justice James N. David, which will end January 1.

Fred L. Shinn was appointed commissioner of accounts to succeed James N. David, deceased.

The Clarksburg Telegram., December 24, 1908

(excerpt)–There was a large attendance at the funeral Friday afternoon of Squire James N. David, the venerable justice of the peace who passed away at his home at 336 South Second Street Wedenesday forenoon. Services were held at the late home, led by the Rev. H. T. McClelland, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and the burial was in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery.

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