John Wesley Thorn


The Clarksburg Telegram., April 28, 1893

Grave marker of John W. Thorn

Like a flash of darkness in the clear sky of noon-day, came the announcement on Wednesday that one of Clarksburg’s bright, active and most useful businessmen had been summoned by death’s swift messenger.

On Saturday he was seen on the street in the full enjoyment of health and seemingly in the acme of his usefulness. He had just that day returned from New York City.

On Monday he was unconscious and so remained until his death which occurred about noon on Wednesday. The trouble was a serious disorder of the bowels.

His frank, good-natured countenance, his cheerful words and his cordial greetings will be missed by a large number of his warm friends in this city.

He was sole proprietor of the wholesale produce establishment of J. W. Thorn & Co., and was working up a very large trade, his being one of the largest produce concerns in the State.


Mr. Thorn was about 42 years old and leaves a wife and two daughters — Alice and Florence. Alice, the oldest, is scarcely fourteen years of age and her sister much younger. They are exceedingly bright and pretty girls and are universal favorites. Mrs. Thorn nee Miss Columbia Gittings, is a sister of Prof. John G. Gittings, and in her great bereavement has the sympathy of many friends.

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Mr. Thorn left his family comfortably provided for, having life insurance to the amount of over $10,000 in addition to his property.

He made friends easily, was a moral, upright man, kind to his friends and devoted to his family. Although not a member of church, he seemed to enjoy attending its services and contributed liberally to its financial calls.

He was just the kind of man we could ill afford to lose “He has crossed the boundaries of time” and let us hope that in the great beyond he shares freely the unbounded mercies of Almighty God.


The Clarksburg Telegram., May 05, 1893, Page 6

All persons indebted to the estate of John W. Thorn, deceased, are requested to come forward and promptly pay what they owe said estate to the undersigned. Persons having claims against said estate are requested to present same to me properly verified and proven,


25-2t. Adm’r of J. W. Thorn, deceased.

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