Julia Lillie Hart


Miss Lillie Hart Suffers Serious Injuries from Fire.

The Daily Telegram., May 01, 1908

Headstone Inscription of Julia Lillie Hart

Miss Lillie Hart was seriously burned about 1 o’clock Friday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. Harry T. Wilson, on Sycamore Street.

She was in the bath room and her dress caught from a small gas stove.

Medical attention was given her at once, but the extent of her injuries has not been definitely determined.

She was quite badly burned about the body and face and may have suffered internal injury.


The Daily Telegram., May 02, 1908

To Miss Lillie Hart, Who Expires After Several Hours of Much Suffering

The funeral of Miss Lillie Hart, who died Friday evening at 7:30 o’clock from burns received when her clothing caught fire from a small gas stove that afternoon, will be held at the home of her sister, Mrs. Harry T. Wilson, on Sycamore Street Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Services will be led by the Rev. H. G. Richardson, pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church, and the interment, which will be private, will follow in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.

Picture of Central Presbyterian Church where Julia Lillie Hart may have attended services.

Miss Hart was standing at the rear window of a bath room watching some boys playing baseball in an adjoining lot when her dress caught afire from a small gas stove on the floor. Although she fought with all of her strength to pull the burning clothing from her she was unable to do so until her garments were nearly consumed, and she was horribly burned all over. Medical attention was given her at once and every effort made to save her life but in vain.

Miss Hart was a daughter of the late Ira Hart, who established machine shops here and conducted the same until his death in 1879. She was popular in society and a highly cultured lady. The last three years she was an invalid.

Surviving her of the immediate family are two brothers, Messrs. Charles M. and John B. Hart, and one sister, Mrs. Harry T. Wilson.


Reconvenes and Qualifies and Administrator at Morning Session.

The Daily Telegram., August 10, 1908

Stock image of a court hearing

At the morning session of the county court Monday Charles M. Hart qualified as administrator of the estate of Julia Lillie Hart, deceased, giving bond of $5,000, with John B. Hart surety. The appraisers of the estate are James Renshaw, R. B. Wilson and N. B. McCarty.

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