Lonisa Shuttleworth


Mrs. Lonisa Shuttleworth.

The Clarksburg Telegram., September 11, 1896

This estimable, aged, christian lady departed this life on Friday night of last week at her home in this city, in the 74th year of her age, from inflammation of the stomach and bowels.

Gates of Heaven

Lonisa was the daughter of Col. William Martin. He was a patriot and soldier of the Revolutionary war. That came to this county of Harrison about the year 1786–one hundred and ten years ago. He engaged in farming and stock raising and soon became the peer of the Jacksons, Wilsons, Hickmans and other pioneers in the management of public affairs, and in repelling Indian invasions.

Of his children, brothers and sister to the deceased, our well known towns people, Mr. A. Wellington Martin and Mrs. Emily McKeehan, wife of Dr. McKeehan, and Mr. Luther Martin, formerly of this county, but now of the State of Washington, are the only survivors, Mrs. Shuttleworth had been a zealous, consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years, and as such had lived a beautiful, charitable, Christian life, “doing unto others as she would have others do unto her.”

Marriage and Family

In the year 1840 she was married to Capt. John H. Shuttleworth, deceased, a well remembered businessman of this county, a merchant, postmaster at Romines Mills, a federal soldier and later in life postmaster at Clarksburg.

Of this union were born Laura, (Mrs. Judge Edwin Maxwell) now deceased, Floyd, Carrie, (Mrs. Edward Smith,) Edwin, deceased, Miss Ella, Miss May and Miss Nina.

To the survivors of this family, all of whom reside in Clarksburg, goes out the deepest sympathy of our people upon the demise of their sainted mother.

The deceased had passed beyond “three score years and ten” to a beautiful old age, “beautiful as the slow dropping mellow autumn of a rich and glorious summer.”

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Nature had done her work well; “she loaded the deceased with the fruits of a well spent life,” and, when surrounded by her children and grand children, “rocked her softly to the grave.”

The remains were interred in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery Sunday p. m. 4 o’clock.

May she rest in peace and enjoy a glorious immortality.

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