Mary Richards Hornor Goff

Mary Richards Hornor Goff Grave Marker
The Weston Democrat., November 24, 1877

Clarksburg was thrown into quite a fever of excitement on last Thursday morning, by the marriage of Nathan Goff, Sr., and Miss Mary Horner, at the residence of the bride’s mother on Pike Street.

They took the early morning train for Washington City, and the East.–Clarksburg News.

The Clarksburg Telegram., February 08, 1901
Bride and Groom image

Mrs. Ira E. Post and daughter, Miss Florence Post, are the guests of Mrs. Mary R. Goff at her elegant home in Washington, D. C.

Arrested For Trespass.

The Clarksburg Telegram., August 22, 1902

Bob Waldo was arrested Tuesday afternoon upon complaint of Harvey F. Smith, agent for Mrs. Mary R. Goff. The charge against him was trespass on her property along Traders alley.

He was fined $5 by the mayor but had it raised to $10 and then he appealed the case to the circuit court.

The Daily Telegram., August 24, 1903

The Misses McCormick, of Washington, will be the visiting guests of Mrs. Mary R. Goff some time in September.

The Daily Telegram., September 12, 1903
Nasturtium center piece

Mrs. James Hugh Stuart entertained at a most enjoyable 6 o’clock dinner on Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Mary R. Goff and her visiting guest, Mrs. George W. Atkinson, of Charleston. The prettily appointed table had an artistic centerpiece of nasturtiums. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson Duncan, Mrs. Martha Goff, Mrs. Mary R. Goff, Mrs. George W. Atkinson, of Charleston; Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wallis, Miss Elizabeth Minnieh.



Nuptials Will Be Solemnized at Home of Mrs. Mary Goff in Presence of Number of Relatives Wednesday Afternoon.

The Daily Telegram., October 19, 1903

The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Minnick and Mr. Harry C. Sheridan, of Washington, D. C., will occur at the home of Mrs. Mary R. Goff here Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock. The officiating minister will be the bride-to-be’s pastor, Rev. R. B. McDanel, of the First Baptist church.

The ceremony will be private, only the members of the family being present. No invitations have been issued, but arrangements have been made for 75 or 100 guests. An informal reception will be given after the ceremony and the happy couple will leave the same evening for New York for a honeymoon trip.

Map of Washington D. C. circa. 1903

Miss Minnick is a charming young lady and quite popular among the young people of Clarksburg and has many friends and acquaintances in Washington, D. C., where she spends the winters with Mrs. Goff.

Mr. Sheridan is one of Washington’s prominent young business men, and is identified with a ship-building firm there.

The Daily Telegram., May 05, 1904

Mrs. Mary R. Goff is here from her winter home in Washington City for a visit of two weeks. She is much improved in health.

The Daily Telegram., September 12, 1905

Judge George W. Atkinson, of the Court of Claims, in Washington City, is a distinguished visitor in the city. He and his wife, Mrs. Mary R. Goff and Dr. Luther Haymond will go to Mt. Lake Park to visit E. R. Davis.

Washington D. C. Skyline
The Daily Telegram., August 10, 1906

Mrs. Henry Sheridan, who visited Mrs. Mary Goff, leaves for her home in Washington City tonight.

The Daily Telegram., July 16, 1907

Mrs. Mary R. Goff, accompanied by Mrs. Harry Sheridan, will arrive here tomorrow evening from Washington, D. C., for the summer.


Mrs. Mary R. Goff is Victim of Heart Disease at Her Washington Home.
In Her Usual Health and Died Few Hours After Trip to Washington

The Daily Telegram., October 23, 1908
The Clarksburg Telegram., October 29, 1908

Mrs. Mary R. Goff, an aged and estimable member of a prominent and wealthy family of Clarksburg, died suddenly and unexpectedly at her winter residence in Washington, D. C., Friday morning at 10 o’clock, heart disease being the cause of her death. Mrs. Goff was widely known in this section and was held in the highest esteem by her friends and acquaintances, so the news of her death was received here with profound sorrow.

Clarksburg Bird's Eye View

While Mrs. Goff had been a sufferer from heart disease for some time, she had of late been enjoying good health and her death was wholly unexpected. She had just arrived in Washington, having left Clarksburg Thursday, after spending the summer at her home here, to take up her residence at her winter home. Mrs. Susan Haymond, her sister, and Dr. Luther Haymond, her nephew, accompanied her to Washington.

For a number of years Mrs. Goff has maintained a palatial home in Washington city where she royally entertained relatives and other West Virginians who visited the national capital. Her summers were spent in Clarksburg where she had a comfortable home and possessed much property.

Mrs. Mary R. Goff was the widow of Nathan Goff, uncle of Judge Nathan Goff, the former of whom died twenty years ago, and a daughter of James Y. Hornor and Mary Robinson Hornor, of Culpepper county, Virginia, who came to Harrison county and settled at Lumberport many years before the Civil War. Two sisters survive her, Mrs. George Wesley Atkinson, wife of former governor of West Virginia, and Mrs. Susan Haymond, of this city. Mrs. Amelia Vance, deceased, wife of John C. Vance, now of Georgia, and mother of J. Carl Vance, of this city, was a sister. James D. Hornor, deceased, a hardware merchant of this city, were her brothers. Mrs. Mary R. Goff was 70 years old.

The body will be brought to this city from Washington on train No. 55 Saturday evening and the funeral and burial will be held in this city.


The Daily Telegram., October 24, 1908, pg 5

The funeral of Mrs. Mary R. Goff, who died suddenly at her winter residence in Washington, D. C., Friday morning of heart disease, will take place in this city Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock. Services will be held at her late summer residence at 406 West Pike Street, led by the Rev. B. D. Stelle, pastor of the Baptist Church and the burial will follow in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.


Is Probated and the Executors Give Bond to the Amount of $100,000.
The Daily Telegram., November 16, 1908
The Clarksburg Telegram., November 19, 1908, pg. 3

The will of the late Mrs. Mary R. Goff was probated Monday. It was drawn March 4, 1906. J. Carl Vance, Lynn S. Hornor and J. Hornor Davis qualified as executors, giving bond of $100,000.

Last Will and Testament Stock Image

Mrs. Elizabeth Sheridan nee Minnick is given $10,000, Mrs. Susan Haymond and J. Carl Vance the house and lot at 404-406 Pike street, to not dispose of for twenty-one years and rooms to be given to Mrs. Myra Atkinson, Earl Vance, Dr. Luther Haymond, Mary Hornor and Amelia Vance until married. Mrs. Susan Haymond is given $5,000, Mrs. Myra Atkinson $5,000, E. R. Davis $2,000, J. Hornor Davis $2,000, Lynn S. Hornor $5,000, Miss Julia Hopkins $1,000, Thomas Cambric, colored, $100, Mrs. Mary H. Jarvis $2,000, Mrs. Ida Rapp $3,000, C. Carie Vance $2,000, Mrs. Clara Vance $5,000, Amelia Vance $6,000, Mary V. Hornor $6,000, Florence E. Hornor $4,000, George W. Atkinson $1,000, John C. Vance $1,000, Vance L. Hornor $31,000, J. Hood Hornor $1,000, Luther Haymond $3,000, John O. Pendleton $2,000, and Lizzie Stansberry, colored, $500. The residue of the estate is given to J. Carl Vance and Lynn S. Hornor.

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