Mathew G. Holmes


Headstone of Mathew Holmes and his wife Elizabeth

The Wheeling Daily Register., September 02, 1871

The President made the following appointments today : David M. Armstrong, of New York, to be Consul General at Rome; James M. Graham, of New York to be Consul at Florence; M. G. Holmes, of Pennsylvania, to be Consul at Chee Foo; Weston Flint, of Missouri, to be Consul at Chinkeongee.

Our Sheriff

The Clarksburg Telegram., August 10, 1894

Sheriff Badge

Notwithstanding the fact that this has been a year of suffering and hard times we desire to ask our school teachers and others if they know of any person who has failed to get his order cashed by the sheriff in due season?

We feel safe in saying that not a single person has called upon sheriff Alexander or his deputies in vain. He has not only paid off the orders but last week the State Treasurer was handed Harrison County’s full share of the land due the State.

O, what a difference since the sheriffalty was rescued from the Democrats. Then, when times were good, the school teachers had to wait for their money or were forced to let the Democratic sheriff ring shave their orders, When Holmes came in, there was a great change and now since Mr. Alexander has been able to keep up the good record during these hard times, it will not take long for people to decide that there can never be any more Democratic sheriffs in Harrison county.

The Clarksburg Telegram., January 14, 1898 pg.7

Matthew Holmes, ex-sheriff of Harrison County, was visiting his brother. A. C. Holmes, of this place last week. He resides at Clarksburg.–W. U. Herald.



The Use of Democratic Whiskey and Money was Magical.

Open Saloons Now an Assured Fact.

The Clarksburg Telegram., April 08, 1898

Clarksburg 1893

The first city election under Clarksburg’s new charter was held Tuesday and resulted in the election of M. G. Holmes, the Democratic candidate for Mayor, who by the assistance of Democratic money and whiskey, which was used so openly and freely as to cause censure from the respectful element of the party, defeated the Republican candidates by 54 majority.

A hard fight was put up by each side, resulting in a heavy vote being polled. Regardless of the inclement weather the streets were alive with people all day, and the many busily kept cabs and conveyances of all kinds driving about the streets hauling voters to and from the polls caused one to feel indeed as though the old town of Clarksburg had passed away and that we were living right in the heart of a big city. There was probably never an election held here before in which so much interest was taken and the fight so bitter. Money and whiskey both were sent here by out of town brewing companies and whiskey houses which added greatly towards the success of the Democratic ticket. The Republicans elected five councilman out of ten and defeated the Democratic candidates for City Clerk and School Commissioner. A majority of the new council will vote for the granting of licenses, which means that the city will have open saloons for the next twelve months at least.

Two councilmen were elected from each ward–one for the long term and one for the short term, the one receiving the largest vote being entitled to represent his ward two years in the city council.

The officers elected are as follows:
West Clarksburg Map

For Mayor–M. G. Holmes.
City Clerk–J. J. Alexander.
Collector and Treasurer–John R. Steel.
Chief of Police–George J. Reed.
Superintendent of Streets and Water Works–Hugh Callaghan.
City Assessor–A. S. Long.
School Commissioner–W. R. Alexander.


First Ward–D. K. Reed (long term) and Jas. Drudy.
Second Ward–Hugh Morrow (long term) and Frank Haymaker.
Third Ward–J. T. Swager (long term) and P. J. Ernst.
Fourth Ward–Leonard Peck (long term) and M. J. Bartlett.
Fifth Ward–W. Sires (long term) and L. G. Race.

East Clarksburg Map

The Clarksburg Telegram., June 24, 1898

—In mayor M. G. Holmes Clarksburg has a fine magistrate. I had a long talk with him a few days ago and found that he has several good ideas which, when he gets them running, will no doubt lend to the improvement of the city. I do not think, however, that his improvement will reach to the street car stage.  It seems funny to see a city with a lively mayor and a town council not having a street car or any public conveyance save a bus, but this is Clarksburg for you.—

The Clarksburg Telegram., July 01, 1898 pg. 7

–Mayor Holmes, on behalf of the city, yesterday read a petition before the county court, requesting them to buy the new bridge across Elk Creek to the B. & O. depot. The county court agreed to consider the petition and will probably take some action in the matter to the day.–

Quiet Dell.

The Clarksburg Telegram., October 31, 1902 Pg. 9

The Democrats have been telling Republicans that “there was once a corrupt Democratic ring” and I helped to vote it out, but don’t say anything about it an you should now help the Democrats to vote out the court house ring.” There is not a respectable Democrat in the county today who voted for M. G. Holmes for sheriff in 1888. Holmes’ majority was only 28.

Didn’t the Democrats play a big hand in defeating Wesley Post. Mr. Holmes was the first Republican sheriff for years. One Democratic leader her had made arrangements with 15 Republicans to vote for Post–mostly young Republicans, This Democrat said to these Republicans, you vote for Post for sheriff and I will vote for General Goff for Governor,  but the writer and W. S. Law learned of this unfair trade, 1 to 15 and put an end to the trade, and when the votes were counted here, Holmes was one vote behind the head of the ticket, and Gen. Goff one vote ahead of the ticket. These are facts. Let us make the Republican majority 750 in old Harrison. This will be as good as 1,200 in a Presidential year. Vote straight boys.


Prominent Clarksburg Man, Former Mayor and U. S. Consul, Passes Away in Baltimore.

The Daily Telegram., March 30, 1907 Pg. 5

Mathew G. Holmes of this city, died in a sanitarium at Baltimore, where he had been a patient for some time, Saturday morning.

1830 Map of What would become WV

Mr. Holmes was born in Preston County November 20, 1838. He served as consul for the United States at Cheefoo, China, under the Grant administration. He was sheriff of Harrison County for one term, mayor of Clarksburg, member of the Clarksburg city council for several years, and member of the House of Delegates in 1887. He circumnavigated the globe twice. The wife, one son, Howard, and one daughter, Mrs. J. Hornor Davis, survive him. The body will be brought home for burial.


The Daily Telegram., April 02, 1907

The funeral of M. G. Holmes took place Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock. The body arrived in the city from Baltimore in the forenoon and was taken to the home of J. Hornor Davis on West Pike street. The funeral services were conducted there led by the Rev. William H. Hudson, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, and the internment was in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.

Death comes


The Clarksburg Telegram., April 04, 1907 pg. 7

original stories reran as one


The Clarksburg Telegram., April 11, 1907 pg. 7

J. Hornor Davis qualified Friday morning in the county clerk’s office as administrator of the personal estate of the late M. G. Holmes, giving bond of $5,000 with the United States Fidelity and Guaranty company as surety.

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