Morley Criss

The Clarksburg Telegram., August 10, 1894, page 7
Map of West End of Clarksburg where the parents of Morley Criss resided.


After a lingering illness with typhoid pneumonia, for several weeks, Mr. Morley Criss, died August 4th, 1894.

He was a young man and highly respected by all who knew him.

His parents resided in the West End.


The Clarksburg Telegram., November 02, 1894

Now that the public school has reopened and bright faced boys and girls are seen wending their way thither. We are reminded of a pale, earnest face that is seen no more in their ranks.

Dante's Divine Comedy

On a balmy summer day, August 3, 1894, Morely Criss passed from earth to heaven. Two weeks before the date just indicated; He was stricken with a fever and a constitution that had never been robust. Had to succumb in the unequal contest, with the dread disease. He was extremely ill from the very start and in spite of tender nursing and the best medical skill, death gained the victory.

Morley was born in Clarksburg, May 25, 1879, and had just passed his 15th year when called upon to lay down the burden of life.

The possibilities of life cannot be computed and it seems sad for one to be cut down when these possibilities were just beginning to dawn; yet

“Tis not the half of life to live.
Nor all of death to die.”

For a good part of his life Morley attended the Baptist Sunday school and was regarded by his playmates and those who knew him best as an exceptionally good boy.

The passages “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” applies with equal force and beauty to those young men in His service as well to the veteran Saint who has borne the heart and burden of the day.

In the beautiful Odd Fellows’ cemetery his body lies wrapped in the long and draw-less slumber of death, waiting for the golden dawn of that endless day called resurrection. 

A fond mother, Mrs. Nannie Criss, and a loving sister mourn their loss but his gain.

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