Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Walker

Squire Samuel S. Walker


Passes to His Eternal Home–A Long Life of Usefulness Cut Off by Death.

Wheeling Sunday Register., August 12, 1883

Walker family marker

Special to the Register

CLARKSBURG, August 11.–
A gloom was cast over town this afternoon by the sad intelligence of the death of ‘Squire Samuel S. Walker.

‘Squire Walker was born December 31, 1808, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

In 1814 his father settled in the Valley of Virginia, on Cedar creek, near the spot where the famous battle of that name was fought during the late war.

He was a miller in early life and afterwards, and for a number of years prominent merchant in Winchester, Va.

Map of Virginia and West Virginia

He removed to western Virginia in 1849 and located at Fairmont.

In 1853 he moved to Clarksburg and for nearly thirty years was proprietor of the Walker Hotel, and had probably a

Wide Range of Acquaintance

In the State. He was for ten years a justice in the coal district, a position he filled at the time of his death.

April 9, 1835, he married Miss Elizabeth S. Wilson, daughter of Moses Wilson, Esq., of Winchester, and grand-daughter of Rev. Christian Sheib, a distinguished Lutheran minister.

The aged lady survives him. He was the father of nine children, four of whom are still living. Among them is his distinguished son Hon. Henry S. Walker.

District map of Harrison County

In 1830 Mr. Walker was baptized into the Church of Christ, a denomination of which Bishop Alexander Campbell was the founder.

He was a faithful Christian, lived an honorable life and died in the fullness of years and in the highest respect of all who knew him.

Elizabeth Susan Wilson Walker

The Clarksburg Telegram., September 06, 1895, page 7

Mrs. Walker, wife of Samuel Walker, the former proprietor of the Walker House, and mother of Henry S. Walker, died last week at Frostburg and in conformity with her request her body was brought to Clarksburg and buried from the Walker House on Monday.

The great beyond

She was quite old and will be remembered by many people who enjoyed her hospitality years ago.

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