Nancy Shuttleworth

The Daily Telegram., November 07, 1907
Headstone inscription of Nancy H. Shuttleworth


Miss Nancy Shuttleworth, of Romines Mills, is the guest of Mrs. C. B. White


Miss Nancy Shuttleworth Passes Away After a Short Illness.

The Daily Telegram., May 08, 1908

After a brief illness, Miss Nancy Shuttleworth died at her home at 114 West Main street Friday afternoon at 12:30 o’clock, at the age of 89 years.

Miss Shuttleworth was a sister of Benjamin F. Shuttleworth, Sr., and Notley A. Shuttleworth, both deceased. She was born in Virginia and came to this county at an early age with her parents. She was an estimable woman, beloved by all who knew her. Arrangements for the funeral have not been made.


Of Miss Nancy Shuttleworth Will Be Held Sunday Afternoon

The Daily Telegram., May 09, 1908

Christ Episcopal Church

The funeral of Miss Nancy Shuttleworth, who died at her home at 114 West Main street Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock with services at the house led by the Rev. James F. Plummer, rector of Christ Episcopal church.

The interment will follow in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.


Nephews and Nieces Are Remembered by Miss Nancy Shuttleworth.

The Daily Telegram., May 19, 1908

The will of the late Miss Nancy Shuttleworth has been filed for probate.

In addition to bequests of personal effects, money and other property are given to the following relatives:

Ellen R. Eib, a niece, $600.
Thomas G. Dix and W. E. Tate, nephews, $600 each
Charles James Shuttleworth, a nephew, $600, with his father, G. W. Shuttleworth, trustee.
Frank Shuttleworth, a nephew, $600 and crayon portrait of his father.
Hettie Young, a niece, $100.
Margaret E. Vandervort, a niece, $100.
Henry Haymond, trustee, $200, to be used for a memorial window in Christ Episcopal church in memory of her father, Notley Shuttleworth, and her brother, Notley A. Shuttleworth.
Bessie M. and Lulu Shuttleworth, nieces, residue of estate personal and real to share alike.


County Judges Will Be Sitting for Almost Three Months.

The Daily Telegram., June 08, 1908, page 5

Haymond Maxwell resigned as administrator of the estate of Nancy H. Shuttleworth.


Sit the Second Day and Do Quite an Amount of Business.

The Daily Telegram., June 09, 1908

Sketch of Court


Bessie M. Shuttleworth qualified as administratrix of the estate of Nancy H. Shuttleworth, with will annexed.

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