2018 Events

January January 22 Wreaths Across America Wreath Retirement Jackson Cemetery Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery February February 13 Wreaths Across America Wreath Retirement Former Clarksburg IOOF Cemetery March 19th Care sessions April April 2nd mowing April 19th mowing April 21 Headstone Restoration Workshop Care Sessions May Memorial Day aka Decoration Day June WV Day July July […]

March 19th 2018

Today was to be our first mow of the season on the grounds of the former Clarksburg IOOF Cemetery on South Chestnut Street and the Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery but due to the colder temperatures we have rescheduled to March 19th 2018. The Harrison County Youth Reporting Center has been assisting us with groundskeeping tasks […]

Spring is near…..

Hello, it’s almost time for us to begin the biweekly groundskeeping and mowing for 2018. We rely heavily on donations of labor and funds to assist with this task. We offer several options for those willing to donate funds to assist with groundskeeping, grave marker restoration, and improvements to the fencing, sidewalk, retaining walls, thruway, […]

A Neighbor Long Ago…..

In honor of Black History Month. The Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance is sharing information about the Clarksburg WV Colored School. This school was once a neighbor of the Former I.O.O.F. Cemetery on South Chestnut Street. The following was originally posted in a Facebook Group titled You know you’re from Clarksburg, WV when…. courtesy […]

Eye In The Sky

Aerial view of the Former Clarksburg I.O.O.F. Cemetery on South Chestnut. Today we are sharing images that were originally posted to our Facebook Page courtesy of Rando Wilfong on January 22, 2018. These images were photographed during the flight of an Aerial Drone. Images are clickable which will open a separate web browser tab with […]