Pierre DeVeauxelle D’Évecquemont aka Peter D’Evecmon

Pierre DeVeauxelle D’Évecquemont

The grave marker of Peter D'Evecmon

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Pierre DeVeauxelle D’Évecquemont, later known as Peter D’Evecmon, was born in Poitou, France sometime in the year 1758.

His name may refer to the city of Évecquemont, 40 km west of Paris.

He was related to King Louis XVI, and fled France after killing his own cousin in a duel over a woman.

His sister was supposedly hung for his crime after his escape from France.

Peter D'Evecmon fought in the Revolutionary War

He served in the American Revolution, supposedly under the Marquis de Lafayette.

On September 22, 1786 Peter married Hannah Sinnex, at Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Delaware.

She was the daughter of John Sinnex and Anna Robinson of Wilmington, Delaware, from an old Swedish family that settled there about 1635.

They moved to Little Yough Glades, Allegheny County; now Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland.

He was granted two tracts of land in Allegheny County in 1797.

He died in Clarksburg (West) Virginia.

Peter D’Evecmon

Memorial Page for Peter D’Evecmon (1758–6 Nov 1803)
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Portrait of Peter D'Evecmon

Peter was born in the seventeenth hundred and fifty eighth year of our Lord near Poitou, Vienne, France. A relative of Louis XVI. After Peter killed a relative in a duel over a woman, he fled France. His sister was hung in his place as punishment for the killing.

He Served in the American Revolution.

Peter had a brother named George who died as a baby. Sister Maria was lady-in-waiting to the queen. Maria vanished during the French Revolution. Other sister Jeanee came to US and married her cousin Jacques Delaplane in the same church where Peter married Hannah. Jeanee and her husband died early. I don’t think they had any kids. Peter’s mother was Jeanee Delaplane.

The name D’Évecquemont has something to do with “Bishop” or “Bishop’s Hill.” The film is rather hard to read as it’s written in Old French, Latin, and English.

A drawing of Peter hangs in the French palace at Versailles.

Peter was given the title of Marquis. It is believed that Peter may have come over to the US with Lafayette. He received military payment in land.

Peter died November 6th, 1803 in Clarksburg Harrison County Virginia (now West Virginia). He was in his forty-fourth or forty-fifth year of life.

The interment was made at the Hopewell Cemetery (now known as the Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery), Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia).

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