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American Flag at the Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery where Veteran of the Revolutionary War and Clarksburg Founding Father Daniel Davisson is at final rest

Chaos Brings Honor

Chaos Brings Honor was scheduled intentionally to coincide with Veterans Day. HCWVCPA did this as a way to commemorate and honor our men and women who have served. Funds raised from this benefit concert will be used for our continuous mission. We do our best to ensure that area cemeteries (and all those laid to rest there) are restored and maintained. We do this in order to ensure that Veterans and their families, friends and fellow community members are afforded a level of respect and dignity granting them peace for their final rest.  

Veterans — Our Connection

Founder and Board President Shaun Jedju comes from a family with a solid footing of Military Service. His Great Grandfather Master Sargent Hubert Kupper served in the Marine Corps. during World War II and the Korean War. His Grandfather William E. Kish, Sr. served in the Navy during World War II and his Uncle William E. Kish, Jr. served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. His Grandfather John B. Kalinowski served in the Navy during the Korean War. Currently one of his cousins serves in the U.S. Army. Two other cousins had served in the U. S. Armed forces – One in the Marine Corps., and one served briefly in the U. S. Navy. Shaun himself served in the United State Coast Guard briefly. Due to unforeseen health issues during basic training he was discharged as medically unfit for service. 

Due to Shaun’s deep family connection with the U. S. Armed Forces, honoring those who stepped up to serve and sacrifice so much in the course of their service is of the utmost importance. This sentiment is a driving force here at Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance. We do all we can to ensure that Veterans laid to final rest in area cemeteries that had fallen into disrepair, often becoming overgrown and nearly forgotten, have their honor, dignity and peace restored. HCWVCPA has been committed to the Wreaths Across Mission since our founding. 

Wreaths Across America

HCWVCPA has incorporated and expanded upon Wreaths Across America’s mission to #remember #honor #teach making those words a core sentiment of how we operate on an everyday basis.

Wreaths Across America Logo this organization heavily supports our Veterans

Remember, honor and teach — HCWVCPA shares to the best of our abilities the history of those interred at the cemeteries we hold stewardship of through diligent research often transcribing word for word the contents of their obituaries as originally printed at the time in the area newspapers. These newspapers are found on Chronicling America a newspaper archive offered through the Library of Congress at

HCWVCPA also readily shares our knowledge of preservation techniques (as learned through resources) provided at Cemetery Conservators for United Standards website at

Please visit the following link to learn more and if able take a moment to sponsor a wreath and help us honor the several hundred veterans at final rest in one of the area cemeteries we hold stewardship of.


“Veterans know better than anyone else the price of freedom, for they’ve suffered the scars of war. We can offer them no better tribute than to protect what they have won for us.” 

– President Ronald Reagan, 1983, in a radio address to the nation.

Thank you on this day and every day but especially Veterans Day as we pay tribute to all American veterans—living or dead— and especially as we give thanks to the living veterans who served their country honorably during war or peacetime.

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