Samuel Jones Boyles

The Clarksburg Telegram., August 27, 1897, page 7


Picture of Samuel Jones Boyles

Samuel Jones Boyles, a B. & O. watchman, was most brutally assaulted by some unknown party on last Saturday night. The would be assassin came along, asked Boyles about the trains. He was told that trains did not stop there and immediately he assaulted Boyles with a piece of scantling and beat him terribly. So far the identity of the brute is a mystery.


The Clarksburg Telegram., March 28, 1902

Samuel Jones Boyles, the aged B. & O. watchman here, was killed about 4 o’clock Thursday morning, December 26, by a West Virginia Short Line engine near his watch box. He did not see the engine as it had no headlight and was following up a B. & O. train. The engine struck him and broke his back. He was picked up and carried to the B. & O. depot, where he died a few minutes later.

Samuel Jones Boyles' military grave marker

The body was taken to his home at Adamston, where the funeral was held Saturday afternoon and interment was made in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery.

Mr. Boyles was 67 years of age and a Civil war pensioner. His wife preceded him to the grave. Several children and grandchildren survive him. He was a very  excellent man and had innumerable friends who regret his tragic death.

Runaway at a Funeral

The Clarksburg Telegram., January 03, 1902, page 9

Last Saturday afternoon as the funeral party was returning from the burial of Samuel Jones Boyles in the I. O. O. F. cemetery, one of the teams frightened as it was being driven from the cemetery.

Stock image of horse drawn carriage

One of the occupants, Mrs. John Legg, was badly injured in the runaway. Mrs. James Boyles was slightly hurt. Carl Drumond escaped with slight injury of one of his hips.


Samuel was killed by a train as he worked as watchman in the train yard at Clarksburg, WV. He was deaf and was on the wrong track, thinking the train was on the other track.

Served in Civil War. Did his own service time, and then took the place of a rich man’s son. When he got out of that service, the rich man’s son was called up for duty, Samuel refused to go to war again, the son had to go, and was killed shortly thereafter.

His daughter, Maggie, died in the first auto accident in Harrison Co. His brother Charles is buried in Mannington, WV.
Father: Joshua Boyles b. 7 Jul 1808 in Virginia
Mother: Sarah E. Jones b. 30 Nov 1807 in Virginia 

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