Spring is near…..

Hello, it’s almost time for us to begin the biweekly groundskeeping and mowing for 2018.

We rely heavily on donations of labor and funds to assist with this task.

We offer several options for those willing to donate funds to assist with groundskeeping, grave marker restoration, and improvements to the fencing, sidewalk, retaining walls, thruway, and entrance to the Former IOOF Cemetery on South Chestnut Street.

Please visit our Donation page for more information or contact us at Contact@HCWVCPA.org for more information.

In 2017…..

We spent $320.44 on fuel……

The labor associated with mowing was voluntary which greatly helped to reduce the cost of managing the grounds of The Former IOOF Cemetery and the Daniel Davisson DAR Cemetery.

The preliminary biweekly schedule for mowing, litter clean up, brush trimming, and other groundskeeping tasks will be Mondays and Tuesdays starting March 12th and running to November.

We look forward to working with organizations, and individuals during these times.

If you or your organization are unable to assist on Mondays or Tuesdays and would like to help on other days please contact us at Contact@HCWVCPA.org and we will glad do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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